Folding Bikes

Has anyone ever talked about what a great time they had looking for a place to park their car in Chicago?  Probably not…

We will not be the first.  We took the Megabus to the big city for the weekend with our Dahon folding bikes to test out the concept and it went really well.  We had the bikes folded and bagged and put them on the bus with no fuss.  We took the money we saved and used it on a nice downtown hotel and lots and lots of coffee!

And we had some Schlitz.

We had a couple of different bike maps and found it really easy to get around by bike.  Everywhere we went was pretty flat and we rode all over the place.  Just look out for the cabs and buses!  We rode along Lake Michigan, went to Chinatown, Quimby’s Bookstore, and we took a commuter train up to the Northern suburbs to visit Steve’s folks, too.

Folding bikes are allowed on Metra trains all the time as long as they are folded, but off peak trains and weekends allow you to bring any bike on.  Well, maybe not a tandem.  We saw lots of other people taking advantage and it worked very smoothly.

We were sure to always lock our bikes securely, 2 U locks and 2 cable locks with bolt on wheels all around.

It was a great trip, and we are already planning our next alternative transportation outing to Chicago and elsewhere, if you want to give it a try come talk to us and we will share what we know!

What an exciting week around the bike shop!  Just because there are 10,000 riders out traversing the state does not mean there are not 10,000 more still going about their bicycling business as usual.  We have a healthy share of them right here in Iowa City and they have been keeping us hopping this week.

We added the Xtracycle FreeRadical to this Kona.

Here it is without the bags.  Because this bike has 700c wheels, the Xtracycle needed the brake adapter to move the posts higher.  It is a slick solution, we have seen it used on a traditional bike to run 700c’s on a 26″ bike.  This bike will probably be getting a new Xtrastout rear wheel with a disc brake at some point so then that whole contraption can come off.

In shorter bike news, we are full fledged Dahon dealers, and the bikes are here!

Hmmm, where can’t I go with this bike?

Cody ordered this Speed TR to display at the shop and to demo out in the world.  We also have a Speed D7 in stock (the best selling folding bike in the whole wide world) and a Curve D3, but that will not be here for long as it’s new owner should be in today to pick it up.

An internal 3 speed, 16″ Big Apple tires and a center stand!

And yes, it folds up really small so you can take it anywhere, so it can take you anywhere!

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