Some things that come through the door here take immediate precedence above all other things. The latest Aance Larmstrong news. Titanium pencils. An even FATTER bike tire. Integrated bicycle product slash beer bottle openers. And, ever so ho hum – the occasional custom bike.


This beautiful Ira Ryan portuer came in for final assembly and adjustments last week. 650b wheels, shiny parts from VO and Paul and Chris King all around, frame and fork and front rack all handcrafted by 124 Bloomington St #5 alumni Ira Ryan hisself. What does 124 Bloomington St have to do with anything? Well that is the basement apartment just north of downtown Iowa City where Ira and Steve lived together starting back in 1997, and where the owner of this beautiful bike used to live, too. It was an amazing apartment that was cheap, literally underground, and had no lease or even keys, just move in and pay rent until you moved out! A lot of bike people lived there over the years, it was quite the scene. So now you know.

The latest shop stopper delivered is this Soulcraft Holy Roller that showed up today.


California above. Iowa below.


Soon it will be in Wisconsin at the Chequamegon 40. And what of the next Shop Stopper? We don’t know, but anticipation is mighty high that it will be another 29er frame.