Last night Steve dropped a bike donation bike at the most civilized place in Iowa City, or the Iowa City Bike Library as it is also known.


It has been a while since we have thrown some sweet e-lovin’ out to our partners in all things bicycle and that place is looking so good I could not resist shooting some pics of the organized chaos of a volunteer run community bike program.


This lineup of forks was the first thing to catch the eye, and who does not have a 5 gallon bucket (or 7) full of stems?


Unruly drop handlebars wriggle in there somehow, don’t imagine they come out any easier.


Saddle pillars are a bit easier to sort and store.


More forks and enough fenders to roof a house.


The back room will make the neat freak tremble!


Cable housing for any paint scheme or personality? They have it.


Always plenty to see at the Bike Library, and plenty to do, too. So check out the many programs they offer and are involved in, and lend a hand or a bike or even just a part if you have something pretty. And Respect the bike, as they say!