Everyone asks, “Pretty slow this time of year?”


Nope. First there was the construction and painting of these here walls. Then trying to figure out where everything should go. Xtracycle get their own chunk of wall so all the longtail stuff is in one place, saddles and folding tires, too. And that cascades over to the pannier selection which is now less cramped and looking to expand.

There are also some that choose to flee the cold and dark of Iowa for sunnier warmer lands so some bikes get boxed and shipped away.


We can Xtracycle that.

Then it always seems that there are projects people save up til winter to spring on us also. Like the customer that decided he had finally had enough of sew ups on his hi flange 5 speed freewheel Dura Ace wheelset and his 6 speed freewheeling Campagnolo Record wheelset. So he hunted up some classic clincher rims for us to rebuild them.


And then the new stuff starts showing up, like boxes and boxes of Lazer helmets, and Masi Road bikes next week.


And then there is some travel, like going to Cyclocross World Championships and then taking the train out to NAHBS. And the 30¢ Squad took a zipcar up to Dubuque and did the Triple D last weekend. Pretty slow this time of year? Never!