Want to let you all know about a couple of exciting upcoming events. First, this Saturday November 10th at 12:30 pm you can join Michelle Gin for lunch next door at the Trumpet Blossom. Michelle was the sole US representative to the International Peace Bike Tour from Nagasaki to Hiroshima. A talk about her  bike tour and experiences will follow at 2 pm so check out one or stay for both.

We are proud to have sponsored Michelle with financial support and equipment for her 600 km ride to rid the world of all things nuclear!

The next weekend, November 16th – 18th, the Jingle Cross Rock returns to the Johnson County Fairgrounds bringing bar banging bicycle battles back to bear!

Er, bare? We are sponsoring the Women’s Beginner race all 3 days, and 30¢ Squadateer Leader Steve will be racing (riding?) the singlespeed events on  Saturday and Sunday. Come on down to ride, race, watch, volunteer, sing, drink, photograph and / or just run around in your undewear!