First up – Poker Run this Saturday, Oct 6th at 4pm! No you don’t have to run (we will shake our heads and frown at anyone that does) ride your bike! Starting at beautiful Wake Up Iowa City and finishing right next door at the delicious Trumpet Blossom Cafe. Now about that moonshine… As soon as the shop was closed on Saturday Steve jumped on his bike and went for a ride, this is his story.

I rode the Masi CXR, with bags and lights to ride into the night on the Moonshine Metric, a gravely 100 km ride put on up in Mt Vernon. Had to do the ride up and back as well because there is not a bus or a train that goes that way, and we are a car free business as you may have heard? Well, now we share a car with zip car, but that is a story for another blog post.

Had to stop by home quick and the ride up was quite a push to make it in time for the start but I made it in time for the pre ride particulars from ride organizer Craig, in the black jersey here.

And we were off on the ride proper, about 10 of us, starting at 6 pm. This was a self navigated ride using cue sheets. I was riding with Charles from Cedar Rapids and we were having too much conversation and not enough paying attention so at this intersection we got a bit confused. We stopped a friendly passing motorist and asked for a bit of directional clarification but we still went astray for a couple of miles. Whoops. But hey, lookit that moon! And since we were stopped anyways (confused) it was a great time to snap a picture. The rest of the ride went smoothly for us, we stuck together until mile 45 when Charles decided to wait for some riders in Solon. I needed to keep moving as I wanted to get home before dawn (it was about 9:30 now) so I rolled out alone.

The rest of the ride was uneventful except for the occasional possum encounter, and the Harvest Moon was living up to its name, offering up numerous Unidentified Farming Object sightings as they worked through the night. After a brief stop at the start/finish for a clothing adjustment to keep off the evening chill, the ride home was awesome. The moon was way up, car traffic was way down, and the miles just kept clicking off until I had finished what has to be one of the most convoluted routes ever, the map looks like I went mountain biking!

Moonshine Metric by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details

Highly recommend the Moonshine Metric, and hope to see you on the Poker R(ide)un this Saturday.