40 years ago. So began the annual migration of cyclists from the great western shore of Iowa to the majestic eastern shore. The exact reasons for this migration are still unclear, but some suggest they are simply following their primary food supply of pancakes as it makes ITS way across the state every July for reasons we dare not even question. Or maybe it is beer they follow, as the hordes descend on tiny towns and drink all they have they must press on in search of more?

Whatever the reasoning, we are putting all of our in stock Masi road bikes 10% off!

We have the Partenza marked down from $795 to $716 and the Evoluzione Apex from $1895 to $1706!

The 2013’s are coming into stock so we have to move these along to make room, sizes are limited, but they will remain on sale until they are gone so come see if we have a new bike for you!