Kidical Mass happened over the weekend, if you missed it there will probably be another one next month. Or keep your eyes peeled and you might find others, like this spontaneous gathering at the New Pi Coop bike racks this morning.

Love to see it! That is a dutch bike, Big Dummy with PeaPod, and a bike pulling a Burley kid trailer.

Coming up this week on the bikexcite radar, a new pedestrian/cycling bridge for the Iowa River Trail! The opening of the bridge will be celebrated this Wednesday, July 11th with a ribbon cutting.

For those of you that have ridden the old “gravel” version of this bridge crossing you will understand why we are all pretty excited for this new divider. Plus riding head on with cars going 50mph never made us feel very comfortable…

The details:

WHAT: Ribbon-cutting and grand opening of the Butler Pedestrian Bridge over the Iowa River.

WHEN: Wednesday, July 11th at 5:00p.m.

WHERE: Iowa River Trail, located at Iowa River and N. Dubuque Street (north of Interstate 80).

Look out Portland!