Now that we are past our 3 year birthday it is time to write the thank you cards. Thanks for the beer deliveries! And them pastries, too! But most of all thanks for bringing your business here and giving us the opportunity to do what we love. We have said it before, we could not do this without You. So thanks, You, and here is looking forward to more years, like about 25 more and we can retire. Ugh!

Now to the please part. You may have heard that right next door to us a new restaurant just opened last week? The Trumpet Blossom Cafe is all vegan awesomeness! Owner Katy used to be part owner of the Red Avocado but when that got run over by the bulldozer of “progress” she set out on her own, and landed right here. We loved the Red Avocado and were big supporters of everything they did, and now Trumpet Blossom is serving up more of the same, along with a bar, patio, lots of live music, and great espresso roasted locally by our old neighbor Wake Up Iowa City. So please help us build this little community down here and give the Trumpet Blossom a try, you’ll be glad you did!