Our first Surly Disc Trucker was a quick sale. The new owner had even bigger ideas for his touring bike than just disc brakes, racks and bags. We rebuilt the front wheel with an Alfine generator hub which is sending power up to The Plug. What is The Plug, you wonder?

A nifty little gadget made by Supernova that replaces the topcap of the bike and has a USB port on the front to power lights, recharge phones, amaze people.

This is going to power an iPhone as well as a recharging station for it made by Wahoo. Where am I, how fast am I pedaling/going, and what song should I listen to next are thoughts commonplace to the iPhone equipped cyclotourist.

Wireless speed and cadence gadgets wriggled around the disc brake cable.

Brooks Flyer Special, Jaandd Expedition rack, front rack to be determined, bags ordered – and away it goes!