We love the Xtracycle! Cody has a Surly Big Dummy, and Steve a FreeRadical kit on his MASI commuter. It is truly an amazing innovation, the longtail bicycle, allowing you to do more with your bike than you ever thought you could. Or at least as much as you imagined you might, if you are the imaginative type. Of course it can carry books, recycling, kids, cats, odds, ends, lumber, and vices. As well as vises! This week Steve hauled 4 empty 6 packs of beer to the Coop to return them for the deposit. This got him enough money to get a coffee refill in his commuter mug, and last night he loaded up three kids bikes to ride over and donate to the Bike Library.

This short longtail bike ride gained us a bit more floor space here at the shop, and a new sticker for the Xtracycle snapdeck.

Respect the bike, and when you are ready to do more with yours, consider an Xtracycle!