Okay, we expanded and can now ride bikes on test rides inside the shop. What else? Well we started stocking MASI road bikes.

20″ and 24″ kids bikes from Haro.

And Bacchetta recumbents. This one is already sold, but we will have more in stock in April.

Our selection of panniers and the racks that love them has more room to sprawl.

And with so much room we got in even more bags! We have small bags, big bags, blue bags and green bags. Top bags, side bags and handlebar bags.

Waterproof bags, fireproof bags, bags made in Iowa, bags made in Canada, bags made in Mexico. And of course we have the Xtracycle FreeRadical for those of you ready to see just how far your bike can take you. Of course to see everything that’s new you have to stop in, to make it easier we just returned to our slightly longer summer hours. You can find us here from 10-6 Monday thru Friday and 10-4 on Saturday. Hope to see ya!