We may not have had much of a winter in these parts, but we sure are having some typical early March weather now. Snow yesterday, 9 degrees this morning, 60 tomorrow. You know what they say, if you don’t like the weather in Iowa move to San Diego.

The big question for some folks is when to take off (or for some this year, to even put on) the studded tires. This time of year you want studs when it is freezing cold in the morning and any thaw has frozen and glazed up the streets. But you don’t want studs when the roads are dry because they are heavier and slower and you are wearing out the studs faster. One solution we have found is to have a dedicated stud front wheel. If you wake up and the weather is wintry throw on the stud wheel. If all is well ride your normal set up. A used wheel is ideal for this, we usually have a few in stock, and the Iowa City Bike Library is a great resource for this also. It is a small investment to keep your studded tire lasting longer, and your commutes shorter when you don’t need to be pushing that studded tire around. Our in stock studded tires are on sale now, and this really is as good a time as any to get one on your bike!