Over the weekend we left the shop in the capable hands of our newest employees and Cody and I headed to Minneapolis to check out Frostbike, the biggest little bicycle tradeshow in the world. We saw some old stuff and some new stuff. Like this Big Dummy to Bill or Ted adapter from SURLY. No word if this will be available as a most awesome and all powerful cargo accessory, mostly because the dudes in the SURLY booth are kind of surly looking, so we just took a picture of it and are crossing our fingers.

Nicely done. We also got had a good discussion with the PDW folks not just about their innovative and well designed products, but how they are doing everything they can to reduce packaging to make the world a better place. Their Origami fender, for instance, is made out of it’s own packaging! Apparently Hutchinson thinks this is a reason for them to use more packaging, kind of like trading cardboard credits instead of carbon ones, demonstrated here with their full sized tubular tire box.

We also got a glimpse of Steve Flagg’s personal ride. He refuses to ride anything else, which keeps the R&D departments at SURLY, Salsa, Foundry, All-City, and Civia (forgetting anyone?) going trying to finally come up with something that will impress him enough to give it up and turn this beauty over to a museum.

After taking in all things trade show we roamed around Minneapolis to take in some of the bike culture up there. We hit the Seward Co-op, which is being discussed a lot in Iowa City lately as an idea generator for the possible Iowa City Co-op relocation. They have not just a Fixit stand like our beloved New Pi, but also covered bike parking, and lots of it!

So much it could not be fit in a single photo! We also hit a book store, a couple of faboo restaurants, and bike shops. One of them was even open. There are more photos, and lots more to report, so check out our Frostbike album, and come on in to see and hear more of what we learned up there. Big thanks to QBP and all the vendors for putting on such a great show.