Always wanted to have a high ceiling shop to put an old bike up on a wall.

And oh, by the way, we are putting all our remaining Bianchi Milanos on sale – now 25% off! Maybe you had not heard that the Milano has been phased out of the Bianchi lineup in favor of the new Metropoli? Well it has, so when these are gone we will not be stocking any more.

All Bianchi Milanos 25% Off

We have 3 here in black, and white, and black again. 25% off, come check them out and see if a stylish and simple fendered commuter is right for you!

Also, let’s keep our heads and just accept it, winter is not coming. We are putting our remaining Yaktrax 25% off and marking all in stock studded tires on sale as well.  Most of our studs are $60 a piece, how does $40 a piece sound? Come and get ’em!