Most of my life is spent trying to come up with 2 or more things that relate somehow and are worth a blog post under the same clever title. Here is today’s offering!

Peterson’s Scrap Metal Xtracycle Trip by gpickle at Garmin Connect – Details.

How much do you think this Xtracycle load of aluminum weighs? Rode it over to Peterson’s this morning. Aluminum is pretty light, but get a big enough stack of bent rims, broken seatposts and twisted bottlecages and it adds up!


WALD giant basket not included in Wacky Deals, base made of 1′ chunks of scrap 2x4s

How much will the stuff cost that winds up in our new shop Wacky Deals basket? You will have to stop in to check, but expect any and everything that makes it in here to be 25-50% off. Or more if we are really sick of looking at it!