While riding on the Coralville bike paths last week I (Steve) was surprised to see this sign.

There are some trails running through the woods out that way.  Fairly low key, built by a handful of volunteers over the years.  Great for a quick mountain bike ride, and lots of folks can be seen running on them and walking dogs and what not.  Those kind of activities (well, okay, it’s just the mountain biking) can cause serious harm to an ecologically sensitive area, which this sign informs us we are right in the middle of. So imagine my surprise when I had ridden just 0.15 miles to the west on the 8 foot wide multi-use path and I came across this!

Yep, that is a parking lot on Camp Cardianal Rd the size of a football field under construction where trees used to be.  Apparently in the eyes of Coralville a parking lot is much better, ecologically speaking, than say a dirt singletrack trail through the woods.

Or a gas line, there are now 2 that cross this ecologically sensitive area just a bit to the east.

Thar’s gas in them thar clearcuts!

Ecological sensitivity or industrialized autocentric domination, Coralville proves you can have both?