Big excitement here at 30th Century Bicycle World HQ.

New bike commuting stuff showed up!  Generator hubs and lights, sure, but they are not new.  Check out this crankset from FSA!

Yep, it looks like a spaceship or a showerhead or something, but it is a single chainring 2 speed crankset!

The inner workings.  28t chainring that magically expands to 42t through the unknown wonders of planetary gears.  You can shift while stopped or pedaling like crazy.  This is destined for one of our bikes unless one of you’uns gets in here and buys it out from under us – which we encourage you to do.  It is not the lightest thing we have ever lifted, pushing 1,800 grams, but it sure is neat, and we are confident it will complement a singlespeed or IGH winter bike set up perfectly.