One of the many fringe benefits of living working in a bike shop is that you get to see what your co-workers ride.  For example, let us behold the freshly assembled bicycle of ace mechanic, James.

Hmm, it kinda looks like a Long Haul Trucker in a color offered several years ago.  Indeed, ’tis.  Built up with a slobber-worthy mix of new and old.

The attention to detail present on this ride makes me (Cody) nearly stagger.

Wipe the dribble from your chin, that drivetrain don’t care none about your fancy.  That’s a SACHS chain, fer crying out loud!

Ratcheting Suntour… better than index?  Some would say no doubt about it.

A new SON generator hub is an instant classic.  Hey, remember when I said we can order for your pleasure any lighting system via Peter White Cycles?

The Schmidt Edelux headlight, which we also offer via Peter White.

The Spanninga Pixeo is a sweet little bargain at $16.50.  Battery operated versions are slightly cheaper.

Here is some of that aforementioned detail attention.  The rear light cable is routed elegantly along the ridge of the stainless steel fender.

And, ya gotta love rack mounted fenders!  This is the stuff that makes me feel like we’ll make it through the impending apocalypse.  Or, James will anyway.