Lots of exciting infrastructure is going on all over town, but here are two worth mentioning that we’ve found ourselves riding upon lately.

North Side:

Although this photo shows the vast impervious surfaces of our transportation system, what we are focused on today is the slab of concrete dedicated to getting non-motorized users over the interstate without getting squeezed by the usually antsy motorists on North Dodge St/Hwy 1.  Excellent for self-propelled commuters who work up north there.  Also excellent for heading to an out-of-town ride, say, on Rapid Creek Road.

South Side:

For the long way to work, there is the path around Sand Lake, alongside to Gilbert St.  Why, just this morning, Steve & I (Cody) came across a happy commuter heading to the lake path to do a lap before heading to the office.  A great way to start the day, take a break, or decompress from a day of work.