It has been a loooong week, but not time wise – we had 2 Surly looongtail bikes come through the shop!  First, we built up this Long Haul Trucker with Xtracycle FreeRadical.  This bike is for another car free liver here in Iowa City and is going to see daily duty so watch out for it.  This FreeRad has the new bags, which are glowingly reviewed here, on another Long Haul Trucker X.

We also had our first in-person look at the redesigned Surly Big Dummy.  The new owner was so excited to get it out in the world that we did not even get to take a picture of it, so you will have to make do with this photo.  It looked just like that, except it was here, and it had Planet Bike Cascadia fenders, a nice set of lights, and water bottle cages on it.  The Big Dummy is an incredible bike, and Surly’s smart redesign changed out components to ensure it still has it where it counts for a heavy hauler, but took $800 off the previous msrp.  It’s not just a deal, it’s more than a steal, it’s like legal Grand Theft Bicycle!

To atone for the missing Big Dummy pic, we offer this humble shot of the Bridgestone MB-2, again, now with ski hauling super-tube on it.  The tube is just a scrap piece of evil pvc (sorry world) with a cap on the bottom, attached to the rack with massive hose clamps.  It is the easy and car free way to get to our local nordic ski options.  You can go to Ashton, or out to Squire Point, or even up to McBride if you are feeling really ambitious.  Called the super-tube because when not carrying skis it handily carries other things, like cans of soup.

See ya ’round the bike rack!