We open for 2011 business today at 11am!  We had a nice couple of weeks off, we needed that.  While we were away you might have noticed that Steve’s bike was on the cover of Little Village, and that we were interviewed inside?

January 2011 Little Village - Click to read online

You can pick one up for free at numerous places around town (we have a few) so check it out, you’ll be glad you did!  30th Century Bicycle elsewhere in the news, Steve wrote a letter to the editor of the Press Citizen:

On Tuesday, the Press-Citizen Editorial Board opinion said, “The best way to find a spot, the best way to avoid a ticket, the best way to enjoy the downtown and not worry about running back to feed the meter is to park in the ramps.”

Ride a bicycle!

Truly the best and easiest way to find a parking spot. Bonus: no parking ticket, no worry, no running, no meter, and no ramp. And while we’re at it: no gas, insurance, pollution, etc. You can take the money you save and spend it at downtown businesses so they have more money for their Park and Shop program and can help more motorists by subsidizing their insatiable parking needs.

So if you want to talk about issues or get your copy of Little Village signed, come and see us!  And if you need bike stuff or repair of course we can do that, too.