Last night JCCOG had the first public meeting as they put together the new long range transportation plan for the area.

There were copies of the current plan circulating around for us to look at as the 30 minute presentation was delivered .  John Yapp covered existing and future land use, existing and proposed trails, transit service, and commuting numbers for the area that showed how many folks come in, how many go out, and how many travel between IC/UH/CV/NL.

Fun fact: The current Transportation Plan has a pic of Cody and me riding bikes on the cover!

When the presentation was finished we were invited to give input on what areas and specific projects we would like to see the new plan address.  There was much discussion of local transit options, buses and proposed trains.  Bicyclist and pedestrian infrastructure were also hot topics for further improvement.  Not a single attendee asked for more parking garages, more traffic lanes, or higher speed limits.

This meeting was just the first in a series, if you have ideas to offer that you think would make our local transportation system run more smoothly please make an effort to attend one before the plan is finalized!  You can send your written comments or questions about the Plan to Kent Ralston kent-ralston(at)jccog(dot)org