Dustin Busch knows when to hold em or fold em.  Never one for walking or running away, though, he gets himself plus his guitars and amp (with Volvo door handle) around with his bike and Burley Nomad trailer.

We stopped by the Bike Library on the way home last night to deliver a bike to them and this loaded Big Dummy was parked out front.

Inside we met it’s rider Jesse, on the right, who was helping sort metal for their salvage operation.

He is passing through town on his way from Montreal to Argentina!

Iowa City was supposed to be a normal overnight kind of stop for him, but he has found much to do and is spending a few days.  We met at the Mill later for beers and heard more about his trip, what a ride!  He is going to make a little detour for RAGBRAI but then will be back on his way and we wish him luck, on both rides.