My ever-evolving Puch Marco Polo recently went through a drivetrain change.  What started as a traditional ten-speed was quickly whittled down to five by removing the front derailleur and one chainring.  Last spring I finally admitted that the classic Shimano 600 rear derailleur was toast.  But, what to do next?

I built a SRAM i9 internally geared hub to a SunRingle CR-18 rim, and it’s love, I say.  You can tell me all you want about rolling resistance and extra weight, but I won’t listen because I don’t care — I’m officially hooked on internally geared hubs.

Okay, well, there is a little matter of the twist shifter.  It’s the only option for this particular hub, and I confess I’m not a fan.  But that’s a shifter issue, not a hub issue.  Besides, with a sprinkle of precision science, there may be other options after all.

In other internal gear news this awe-inspiring bike came to us as a lovely single speed.  Not enough gear options for the owner’s upcoming trip to Montana, I was the lucky one to build a SRAM S7 wheel and set up the new configuration.  Note the 27″ wheels.  Note the stem-mounted shifter.  Note the saddle up to my elbow!