Had a couple of broken touring bike wheels come in and Cody rebuilt them.  36 hole

3 cross dependability, one a Salsa Delgado rim, the other a Sun Rhynolite.  Solid!

I found a stash of 32 hole Mavic Open Pro rims and got one for myself, which I built 3 cross style to my Dura Ace hub.  This is a great wheel and I am looking forward to many miles with it, 200 of which are coming up next weekend.

We are seeing much interest in the new internal gearing offerings and have the parts in to build a  SRAM 9 speed hub to a Sun CR18 rim.

And a 7 speed SRAM just came in for another wheel build.  Yup, it is a little smaller than the i-9.

We will share pics when they are built, of course!