Details are shaping up for our Bike to Work Week Commuter Breakfast.  It will be next Monday, May 17th, right here at our shop from 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning.  There will be muffins and iced chai from the good people at The Red Avocado, Ben’s Capulin espresso, and (if he can get out of bed) live music by Dustin Busch!

Swing by on your commute and help us celebrate the start of B2WW while we help you fuel up for your Monday.  Check the full Iowa City schedule of events here.

More commuter news, to complement our Momentum Magazines and MK Fenders we have taken delivery of some incredibly nice commuter bike bits this week.  The 4+ pound SRAM i9 internal geared hub will be built up to a Sun CR-18 rim.

From VO imports we have the stainless steel Porteur Rack, the stainless steel Constructeur Rack, and some colorful Tressostar bar tape.

Also, we have MKS half clips, sassy bells about evil and blowing up cars and stuff, as well as brass and aluminum dingers.  Plus, at the lower right, a battery operated Japanese bell that, at the push of a button, makes some noise and declares, “Excuse me!” in Japanese.  Coolness.