From our one year anniversary we now push right into Bike Month and Bike to Work Week, where all the action is.

We are hosting a commuter breakfast here at the shop on Monday morning, May 17th, from 7:30 to 9:30, with food by the Red Avocado and Ben’s wonderful Clean Bean Cafe espresso!

Bike Month and Bike to Work Week are great for celebrating bicycles and bicycle commuting, but they are also designed to encourage new folks to participate.  So if you have any questions or need help getting involved please let us know.  Cody and I live car free in Iowa City and are happy to share ideas.

There are so many reasons to ride, it does so much good for everyone and everything.  The oil spill currently spreading in the Gulf of Mexico is yet another reminder that we need to be change the way we live.  As this NY Times Op-Ed says, the real problem with oil spills is the oil.

So please join us in celebrating Bike Month.  Ride your bike!  Ride it for fun, ride it to work, ride it to the store to get groceries, ride it to use less oil, ride it to our bike shop, ride it to school, ride it for your health, ride it to the Library, ride it to go out, and ride it to get back home!