It’s times like these that I think about Douglas Adams, specifically that he liked deadlines.  He liked the sound they made as they go whooshing by.  Now, I haven’t missed my deadline for the ARTCRANK show next month, but it’s coming up fast, and I think I can hear that whooshing sound in the distance.

I’ve been working on a linocut print, which I can’t completely reveal here, but here’s a nerdy macro shot for teaser fun:

ARTCRANK started in lovely Minneapolis.  It’s a bicycle-themed poster show that has spread to a handful of cities around the U.S., including Des Moines.  Thirty copies of each poster will be available for purchase at a breezy $30 a pop.  Proceeds from the Des Moines show will benefit the Des Moines Bicycle Collective.  The reception is on opening night, May 8th at the Instinct Gallery in the Des Moines Social Club.  The show will run until May 29th.

Support local art & bicycles!