Last summer a customer, on the phone with his dad, told him our shop had a lot of sweet sweetness.  I thought of him when these bikes came in for repair yesterday.

This beautiful Bridgestone RB-2 came in for some wheel and brake work.

And this KHS Turbo about knocked our socks off.

Lots of Shimano 600 parts and a cool head tube badge to boot.

You can’t really tell because I can’t take a decent picture, but that is 2 lions on each side of a wheel with a knight’s helmet on top and a KHS scroll across the bottom.

So yeah, the shop is busy and sometimes we feel like we would need a shoehorn to fit another bike in here.  The blog had a rough week, sorry, but Otis has agreed to step up and do the occasional post.

When he can find time, of course.