We learned a lot while volunteering at the Iowa City Bike Library.  Our time there helped shape the kind of shop we want to run.  One of the biggest lessons we learned was that it is possible to have green thumbs under all the grease.  Not the growing plants kind, but the Earth friendly kind.

We recycle all we can, that is an easy one.  None of the tires or tubes we have replaced have gone to the landfill.  Nada one!  We take our food scrap home and throw it in our compost.  And, we keep as much metal as we can in the system by taking it to salvage yards.

This is what we deal with.  Spent chains, gears, spokes, as well as frames and assorted bent up wheels.

Big bins we have to take with the Bikes at Work Trailer, but this trip was seven boxes of chains and I (Steve) tried it on the Xtracycle.  It was heavy…

We take steel to Ace, down by the Johnson County Fairgrounds, where they have authentic junk yard dogs!  They said the load was not enough to register on their scale?  We will never know how much weight was on there, but I felt good that the Xtrastrong rear wheel I had built for heavy load hauling did not fold in half.

Back at the shop I put the emptied chain boxes in this bike box and took it all to recycling.  A good morning of work, for our shop and the world!