Our usual late notice for shop events!  We need to get one of them online calenders or something.  Anyways, with Spring on the horizon (have we heard that before?) the Bicyclists of Iowa City have invited local bike shops to come down to the Iowa City Public Library tonight to show off parts, accessories, bikes, etc.  We will be there from 7 to 9pm in meeting room A with a selection of wares and at least one bike to show off.  Hope to see you!

Our neighbors made the happiest snowperson we have ever seen!

In never ending winter news, for those that don’t know, I (Steve) like to cross country ski and have been organizing some low-fi ski races here in Iowa City for the past 2 years.  I make some trophies and gather some prizes and say Go(!) when it is time to race.  This year we at 30th Century Bicycle have been kicking in some additional prizes, too, like waterbottles, beer, bags of fruit, sliced cheese, whatever.  Last night was the last Nordic TT of the year, but if you have missed out do not despair!  This Sunday morning, Feb 28th, at 9am, we are going to have a long format mass start ski race, calling it The Herkabeiner (like Birkiebeiner, get it?) until lawyers from the UI find out and come calling.  24k is the distance.  You can find other details and read all about the ski races that have been over at online race HQ.

So, hope to see you tonight, and Sunday morning if you want to do a ski race before the snow is gone and it is, indeed, finally, Spring!