We had table 111 at the Madison Bike Swap on Saturday.  We had no idea what to expect, having never been before.  We were green, and it showed.  We had no special table stands to cram more stuff on there, forgot a tape measure and a caliper, and some of the stuff we brought was unlikely to sell.  But it was a great time, we did get some of our idle parts and frames back out into the bikestream, and we came back with less stuff and more money than we went with.  Success!

Some tables were packed, some not so much.  Old stuff, new stuff, carbon stuff, steel stuff.

Wheels, tires, wood fenders, (we brought the MK’s, yes, and even sold a set.  They were Swapstoppers, the darlings of the day for sure, get yours before they become commonplace!) clothing, complete bikes, truly a you-name-it situation.

Cody scored some SIDI Dominator 5’s at 75% off retail!  Brand new!!  In the box!!!  I got a 203mm rotor for $4.  Success!

It was great being part of the swap, and seeing firsthand the breadth of Madison’s fabulous bike culture.  So many people came through, and from many different perspectives.  While cruising around Madison, one thing made us smile again and again — people up there are riding through the winter in great numbers!  We saw lots of people on bikes, riding where they needed to go.  So come on Iowa City, let’s kick some ass on those bikes!