Well, the break is over, we are back!  It was great to take some time, do some skiing, read some books, and build some wheels.

For a Raleigh Twenty project, Sturmey Archer 8sp in back, Shimano generator up front, 36 hole 3 cross bomb-proofness.

For my XtraCycle, I built this 36 hole 3 cross XT disc hub to a Rhyno Lite rim.  Should do better than the 32 spoke Mavic Open Pro race wheel I had on there, and the disc brake won’t hurt, either…

But it was not all relaxing and wheel building around here, we had plenty of time to play with Otis the shop cat, too.  He has quite a playhouse, thanks to Cody, and the big boxes bike stuff comes in.

He loves to watch the birds, even if they scare him because they are bigger than he is.

Now our break is over and we are happy to be back in the shop, looking forward to a great 2010 with all of you!