Last Saturday was the event phenomenal What A Load Of Craft! part six.  I used our Bikes At Work trailer to haul my one tote out to the Johnson County Fairgrounds, but I shortened it!

Since it’s modular you can take an 8′ trailer and make a six footer or, in my case, the cute 4′ version.

Here’s what the rig looked like upon arrival to Building C, which some may remember as the hub of Jingle Cross activity last month.  All in all, the single speed winter machine pulled the trailer with ease.  A few folks at the fair expressed their awe at riding in the snow, but, really, I think it’s fun.  When it’s fun it doesn’t seem like such a difficult thing.

I shared a table with a friend.  Note my zines and some 30th Century merch there on the left.

And, as promised, Leslie Hall delivered.  She even played my favorite, Blame the Booty Remix, which you can listen to, too. Leslie hails from the land of Ames, just like the Bikes At Work trailer.  See how connected we all are?