Thanks to all the folks who gave kind feedback and encouragement about the previously posted Tales of Woe & Conquest of the Bicycle Commuter.  A few people told me they look forward to seeing the next five pages, and, well, that’s where I was perhaps unclear.  That comic is over.  The end.  Sorry.  It was a ten-panel comic, not a ten-page comic.

Anyway, because I feel a bit lame for leading good people on, I thought I should mention that I do still make comics.  They’re similarly autobiographical, and I sell small, staple-bound copies for $1 a pop.  If you’re really a fan, I also have a few handbound (i.e. hand-sewn) anthologies for $40 from a limited run of 27.

L-t-R: Awkwardly Put #11 zine for $1 and the big ol’ anthology for $40

I may consider posting the occasional page from my zine on this here blog, but, trust me, it makes more sense when it’s read together, like a journal.