How many modes of transportation can you find in this circa 1910 photo of the Dubuque St. and Washington St. intersection?

Photo credit: Irving Weber’s Iowa City, Volume 2.


I (Cody) count five!  Of course, the regal bicycles stand tall, but also to be noted are (clockwise from left) pedestrians, worker with wheelbarrow, two carriages (horse-drawn or horseless?), and streetcar rails, from the long-defunct 5-line electric streetcar system and the interurban streetcar that ran to Cedar Rapids every hour.  (Every hour!)  Three of five are human powered.

Under a simple definition pulled directly from wikipedia, transportation is the movement of people and goods from one location to another.  Adding the single restriction of “human powered” to that definition, the possibilities are still vast.  Unicycle, skateboard, handcart, wheelchair, roller skates, shopping cart, crutches, stroller, skis, ______________