Today I (Steve) realized a dream.  I took our recycling to the place, and rode my cardboard-laden Xtracyle-enhanced touring townie onto the big scale that weighs the trucks when they come in to see just how much recycling I was carrying.  Normally when we do recycle runs they are open for business and it seems rude to butt in, but today it was mine, all mine!


First stop, the scale!


Next, chuck our big box full of cardboard in with all the rest.STP82752

And then, back to the scale!  Lookit that, a 20 lb box of cardboard?   Actually, I don’t believe it, maybe they need their scale recalibrated…  Hope I don’t get in trouble for using their equipment, but at the time it seemed worth it.

After all that fun I stopped by the Public Library and saw this poor bicycle had been pushed down by a bully or something.


So I gave it a pep talk and got it back on it’s own two wheels!


Haha, take that bicycle bullies and / or gravity.