Also known as the Ghost Story Ride, we agreed to help facilitate a smooth riding experience, so we had to make some final preparations at the shop to be ready for the spooky event.  We made the happy discovery that our bottom bracket wrench doubles as a jack-o-lantern conjurer.

pumpkin scraper

Aimed at kids older than 8 years, the Iowa City Public Library partnered with the Bike Library and Planet Bike in order to raise awareness about riding at night and the importance of proper light equipment.

It was also a chance to get into the Halloween mood with (a scant few) costumes and scary stories in our beloved Oakland Cemetery.  Below, the she-wolf dons her red hood that she, uh, borrowed from a friend.  Note the xtracycle packed with… packed with… zombie dinner?

ze volf

We met in the ped mall at the ICPL and fueled up on sugar cookies and hot cider.

at the ICPL

Not just grown-up kids but actual kids, too.

kids, too

Ah!  The beacon of the ride, the plastic jack-o-lantern became a glowing head with the simple addition of a bicycle light.

floating jack-o-lantern

And the ride gets underway, led by that feller dressed as a pirate…

haunted bike ride

or was he the third Allman Brother?

the third allman?

We made ourselves comfy underneath the Black Angel to hear the first round of scary stories.  We then went for another spin around the winding cemetery paths to end up at the miniature amphitheater to hear round number two.  The second round of tales was decidedly more frightening with the occasional tiny voice hollering out things like “Ew!” “Gross!” and “Scary!”

black angel

All in all, it was great fun, and our little troupe of around 30 people was well-bedecked in lights, as seen below.  A little blurry but you get the point.

blurry blinky

Additional special thanks to Kris Ackerson (aka the Human Jack-o-Lantern) of the City of Iowa City Planning Department.

human jack-o-lantern

Props to the ICPD as well for formally corking major intersections for us.

P.S. The result of the pumpkin scraping: