Yesterday, I (Cody) started reading Bob Mionske‘s Bicycling and the Law: Your Rights as a Cyclist.  I’ve been avoiding this book, thinking any book on law would have me nodding off in no time, but I’m happily a few chapters in and gobbling it up.

Bicycling & the Law

Being a cyclist anywhere but especially in the U.S. carries a certain amount of danger that is so often due to motorist negligence, a negligence that goes mostly unpunished.  Knowing how to handle negligence, road rage, harassment, theft, etc. is vital.  This book is a smooth-reading guide to historical rulings regarding cyclists’ rights, what your rights and responsibilities are, how to decipher the gray areas of code, and how to be an all-around empowered cyclist.  This is a book that can help us all move toward better equitability on the road.

Know your rights!  Be empowered!  So, the next time somebody says, “Bikes don’t belong on public roadways,” or even “Get on the sidewalk,” you can calmly tell them, “According to Uniform Vehicle Code Section 11-1202, ‘Every person propelling a vehicle by human power or riding a bicycle shall have all of the rights and all of the duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle,‘ and most municipalities have codes that reflect this, so stick it up your tailpipe!”

Unfortunately, our distributor has ceased carrying this book, but it’s available at  $18.95 in the U.S.  Also, Bob Mionske has excellent articles regarding this topic all over the web.  A quick search of his name will reveal a heap of handy links.