The sale bikes are still on sale, please come buy them and, more importantly, get out there and ride them!  They now have their own special page up top there, appropriately titled SALE BIKES.


So how is that for pretty?  Prototype wood fenders that some local folks are working on.  These are fully shaped and just pretty, yep I said it again.  There is another set already in rigorous testing on a  Big Dummy and now we are excited to have a set to try, too.  Hopefully they will be available for sale here soon!


Here are a few of the repair bikes we sent out yesterday.  We shined up the kids bike and added the bell, basket and training wheels, switched the stem on that beautiful Tommasini, and gave that Hercules back there a new rear wheel and drivetrain, plus the basket and grips for good measure.  Three very different, all very nice bikes.


We had cross country cyclo-tourists stop in last week!  Bob and Ilan stopped in looking for shop stickers.  You can follow their trip here.  We are!