In the last couple weeks we’ve been hearing serious rumblings about 2010 bikes, and with the incoming of the 2010 Masi catalog, we thought we’d better get out with the old and in with the new.  This is the scoop on discounted bikes:

16″ Green Masi Soulville SS

18″ Black Masi Soulville 7

20″ White Masi Soulville 3

18″ White Masi Soulville 3 Mixte shown below

Masi Soulville 3

20″ Celeste Bianchi Milano Citta shown below

19″ Black Bianchi Milano Parco Step-thru

16″ Silver Bianchi Torino Step-thru

16″ Black Bianchi Cortina Step-thru

18.5″ Black Bianchi Cortina

21″ Black Bianchi Cortina

23″ Silver Bianchi Cortina

Bianchi Citta