It has been raining unpredictably often this past week in Iowa City.  When getting out of town for a ride I (steve) usually take my cell phone with me, and it does not like to get wet, so for years I have made it a point to take a small plastic bag with me, just in case.  But no more must I worry or hunt for a bag before leaving the house!


Last week I started using an Arkel seat bag, which is a hard plastic shell around a removable dry bag.  It is a pretty great set up.  Not only does it have the space to carry what I need, it has extra to stash my cellphone if it starts pouring or circumstance demand that I cross a creek.  100% waterproof, and no zippers, which any gravel rider will tell you gets all gummed up if you ride when it is soupy.  And it is orange, which matches my bar tape.  They make a variety of colors so you can probably find one to match your bartape, too.  If you ride with cellphone, iphone, ipod, or fresh baked cookies, this bag will keep them from getting soggy.

It has been a busy week here at the shop, lots of repairs, still trying to keep used bike stock up, and building some new bikes, too.  Last night we did get out to celebrate a birthday,our favorite restaurant, The Red Avocado turned 10 years old!


And lookit that, the band that played our Grand Opening was there.  It was a great festive atmosphere, and Cody and I were both pretty impressed from our new perspective that Dave has been living his dream for 10 years now.  Congratulations, Red Avocado!

One last thing, until we blog again, we got this photo in our email this morning.


We sold this frame to someone looking to build a singlespeed and look how it turned out.  Go Hawks(!) for sure, but he goes to school over in Beloit, WI.  A nice looking ride, we have a couple of other frames with horizantal drops in here, so if you want to build your own single come check them out.