A few pictures of some of the action that got us excited here at the shop over the last few days!


Yesterday a bike came to us via bike, we love this stuff!


The coolest stem I will see all day!


We love an old Bridgestone, and were happy to help get this CB-2 back on the road.  And with a monster WALD basket, too!


Touring!  Touring!  This 7sp internal touring rig, bobber and all, is out in the wilds of South Iowa & North Missouri this week, piloted by our favorite Foxhead barkeep, Josh.  Touring!  Touring!

We have not just been slobbering over other folks bikes, we have managed to get a couple of used bikes ready, and we have a few more close, so if you are in the market be sure and check the Current Used Bikes page up top there.