Friendly visitor of the day, Lola!


She gets a little hot sitting out in the sun at the coffee cart, so she comes in to chill on the floor.  A shop dog of our own is most certainly in our future.

The sun does its best to make us hot in the shop, too, especially on sunny mornings when it heats up our space through the windows before we even get here.  We thought of elaborate curtains and blinds and awnings but finally arrived at the greenest re-use solution, bike box cardboard rectangles.


They do the job nicely.

We have been continuing our brisk used bike trade, as such we are moving the SOLD! used bikes to their own page here on the blog for continued perusal.  Yesterday we had our first used bike come back to us.  It was purchased by a student who was here for the summer term, now he has gone off home and sold the bike back to us.  Sort of a long term rental situation, but better for him, us and you, if you get the bike the next time around.

Oh yeah, one last thing, you may have heard our message of support on Iowa Public Radio?  Cody and I have been individual contributors in the past, it is nice continuing the relationship as a business.  We have not even heard the spot yet, but it is nice to hear about it from others.