This week was the week of 2 stuck bottom brackets, and so a trip to the biggest vise in town, which you may remember from the misadventures in pedicab repair post?

The first one tackled was an old steel Trek 820, and after the good week of penetrating oil treatment it had gotten, it came out with nary a whimper or a broken sweat.  The other would not budge, however, even with three people drinking Coors pushing and pulling on it.  When it started twisting the jaws of this mighty tool we decided to stop and consult the owner.  It is a cool bike, an aluminum framed Raleigh commuter that he bought in Europe and so not easy to replace.  Or get a seized bottom bracket out of…

Tonight I (steve) rode a Bianchi home.  Not for keeps, just trying it out.  It is a Milano Citta and I must say it was fun to ride, and attractive, too.


There is a lot going right with this bike, lightweight, full fendered, pre-racked and kickstanded, and it has a built in taillight, too.  We have just the one in stock, a 20″ diamond frame, and you should come test ride it.  I did!