Being in the bike shop biz we get to see lots of cool bikes.  Here are a few that have rolled through in the past week.


This stunningly clean 3 speed Raleigh Twenty fold-em-up stopped by yesterday.  Its owner Aaron keeps a nice bit of online bike culture over at his blog, check it out – I’ll bet you’ll like it.


Still hinged, green and Brooks, but harder to stuff in a suitcase, our first Niner sale!  Local storytelling super-person Steve McGuire built up this dream machine.  My Niner frame of choice should be in stock next month so I can join the club.


Brooks saddle o’ rama continues with this, the seriously named Handsome Devil.  You may remember seeing this here when it was just a frame and hanging next to my Ira Ryan.  Well, my bike is still hanging, but Scott is now out riding across Iowa on his.  I imagine he is getting lots of complements on the obviously superb headtube facing…


Check out the rainbow-like heat marks or whatever they are called on this steel handlebar.  Not sure how advisable this is, and I would never recommend it to anyone, but Mauro, our local Brazilian megatouring wunderkid, wanted a flared handlebar to ride across the state.  So he did this himself with just a fire, a few beers, and a big screwdriver.  He said he only caught his shoe on fire during the process and that just once.  Good work Mauro, and good luck!


A little birdy told me to get back to work, so I will.  Sorry for the lack of regular postings, last week was a bit crazy with the pre bike ride across the state crush but I am looking forward to supplying you with the latest and greatest in bike shop minutia once again!