Lately I (Cody) have been riding my Puch Marco Polo as my daily commuter as well as my light tourer (note previous post).  The Ira Ryan porteur rack totally rocks and was made even better when I added the large Wald basket.  I can carry so much stuff in that thing, it’s almost obscene.

A quick geekdown of what else this bike sports: ye olde Shimano 600 crankset and rear der, MKS platform pedals with deep steel toe clips, mismatched brakes — a Shimano 600 on the rear and a generic Shimano on the front due to rack design (phooey… but that’s really my only complaint about the rack).  The wheelset is a cheap-o alloy deal perfect for a townie machine.  I’m trying out Michelin Dynamic tires, amazing that they’re still made in France and are only 17 bucks a pop.  So far I like ’em just fine.  Painfully absent is a set of full fenders.  Right now I bide my time with an easy-on Zefal Flamingo as I await a pair of Planet Bike Cascadias.

The handlebar is one of my favorites, a Nitto Albatross, and the saddle is another favorite, a Terry Damselfly (the name is unfortunate but it’s the best saddle I’ve ever owned).

Barely visible are the little spoke reflectors from Cyclelogical that I’m trying out.  So far they seem worthwhile.  Super reflective from the side and they stay firmly in place, no dinking up and down the spoke as I roll.  We plan to have ’em available in the shop soon.