Well we did it.  Vacation.  A whole day without laying eyes on the bike shop.  It did not happen the way we planned.  Steady rain for most of the day on Saturday had us happy to just stay home.   We were looking for fun, not a hardcore touring experience.  so we delayed departure until Sunday morning at (gasp!) 6 am.


Jen and Jim and Cody and I rolled into the misty morning and enjoyed the ride.  We went out through Morse and Cedar Bluff, Mechanicsville, Morley and finally Anamosa.


Iowa is pretty.


Really pretty.


Saw this parade rig in Morse.


A friendly bug hitched a ride on my basket for a few miles.


Jen had a mechanical just before Mechanicsville and she rode it in before fixing it!


This was mostly an extendo-townie style 50 mile ride for us, I was on the touring townie with the big Odyssey platform pedals and they were super comfy under my day shoes. Jim was on his singlespeed Bridgestone, Cody rode the 5 speed PUCH with her bag strapped to the Ira Ryan porteur rack, and Jen was on her nice steel blue Trek bike.


Our Anamosa host Doug rode out to greet us and to lead us into town the super sneaky gravel way so we did not have to ride on the four lane divided highway.


Tupelo greeted us at the house, he is such a happy dog.  That is  just the morning portion of our adventure filled day, after a brief pause we were off to Monticello to go canoeing, we floated down the Maquoketa river dodging drunks and submerged rocks and trees.  I have no pictures, but it was beautiful weather and we were really hungry when we got done, so we went to the bar in Stone City and took care of that.  More friends drove up to Doug’s after they raced the State Criterium Championship in Cedar Rapids and it would have been great to have stayed longer but we had to get back for jobs and cats and jury duty so we loaded up Doug’s truck and made the trip back.


A great and long day out, can’t wait for the next trip, but now it is back to work!