Please don’t think we are not still moving copious amounts of stuff by bike.


That is yesterday’s recycling run, today I moved our trash on the cargo bike, and as an added bonus and test of skill I got to ghost-ride a free curbside parts bike for six blocks.  Score.


We were closed today, but still had visitors.  Like this slinky black kitty cat that boldly walked in to check things out.  Some people stopped in that had read about our shop in the June issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine.  We did not even know that was happening, so it was pretty cool to find out we were featured!  Other visitors came in for minor repairs and small purchases, we were there so could not say no.  And our old friend Paul was passing through town on his way home to Michigan and he stopped to check out our shop, too.


Cody finished up her PUCH with Ira Ryan custom built fork and porteur rack, she is going to ride it on our overnight bike trip to Anamosa this weekend.  Oh yeah, good time for an announcement:

We will be closed Saturday, July 4th and Sunday the 5th, we will reopen Tuesday July 7th.


Also in the stand today, finishing up this MASI Rando build, switched the sidepull calipers out for Paul Racers.  Not only do they look really cool, but they will increase the Whoa Nellie factor as this bike will be used for loaded touring.  Those pedals were just for test riding, no worries.  The rack will be in and on tomorrow and a set of Arkel t-42’s will finish it off.